Posted by: bhalley | 09/01/2010

Understanding Game Ratings

Today’s post is for those with kids, and/or grandkids who play video games.  My question to you is how much do you know about the games you kids are playing?  Do you try to play with them?  Do you know that games now come with ratings to help you know what type of game you kids are playing?  For the ladies who read this I know they will be shaking their head yes when I say my wife says I am just one of the kids because I love to play games with our kids.  I do look at what the kids play and many games have options to adjust the music and language that I have set for the kids .  If I find that they have changed them back then I take the game.

The biggest problem I have had with games is the music they use even though the rating may say safe.  To help understand the game ratings I have a link to a site that explains each one.  I would encourage you to take time with your kids in their games as it will help with the relationship you have with your kids.  Even if you are not good still take time with your kids.

My son loved to play air simulator games.  We used to compete head-on with MS Combat Flight Simulator with the old WWII craft.  When he got a newer one with jets I couldn’t compete since it was split screen on the TV.  I tried and eventually stopped but would still sit with him and watch every now and then.

Happy gaming and family time.


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