Posted by: bhalley | 08/25/2010

Firewall/Router Use and Selection

Today’s post is dealing with a Firewall/Router.  I will be somewhat simplistic since this can get fairly technical and don’t want to complicate things.

A Firewall/Router is a device that controls access to your internal network from those who might try to probe and attack it.  You can buy just a router that will control traffic between you and the internet, but you want to buy a unit that includes a firewall to prevent against unwanted attacks and malware from getting back into your network.  The place to install a Firewall/Router is between your system(s) and the modem you connect to.

There are software firewalls like what is included with Windows.  There are third-party firewalls you can use like Zone-Alarm, they have a paid solution and free.  The advantage you get with a software solution is that when you take your system outside of your house you are protected on public networks you connect to.

Selection of Firewall/Router is somewhat dependent on needs, cost, and options needed.  In a post a couple of weeks ago I talked about OpenDNS, and how some Firewall/Routers offer support to work this type of service.  I would recommend going with a solution like this as it offers one more layer to protect your home network/computers.  Also, buying the more expensive hardware device over a less expensive software solution does not necessarily give you added protection.  When considering hardware or software use Google and type in the device model number/software name you are considering and the word ‘review’ and you can see how the it rates.  You may want include ‘user review’ to see how users have found the devices to work and reliability.


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