Posted by: bhalley | 07/26/2010

Understanding Protection

You hear stories about virus attacks, spyware, and malware.  You also are told you should have anti-virus software, firewall software, anti-spyware, and it seems like no end in sight.  I have several posts on software and other solutions for keeping your computer and home/office network protected.  But some of you may not understand what how these work.  The following Windows 7 blog explains these and what is and isn’t included with Windows 7.  Please look at my other posts for some of the best free solutions.

When you acquire and install anti-virus software, check to see what features are included as many anti-virus packages include anti-spyware and firewall protection.


  1. There are two things people need to keep in mind:

    1. A firewall will provide limited to no protection if malware gets on a computer and initiates an outbound connection.

    2. Hackers test their code against anti-virus and anti-malware software to avoid detection. Although your virus and malware signatures may be update to date, those signatures are based on known threats, not those that are yet to be reported.

    • Thanks for the comment. It is true that these only offer so much protection. Being proactive on protection and using a DNS filter like OpenDNS will help on preventing attacks/infections.

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