Posted by: bhalley | 07/25/2010

Windows 7 – Additional Parental Controls

Keeping your kids safe is important.  Windows 7 has improved on the parental controls available.  Not only do you have the controls that were available, it also offers the ability to add in third-party parental controls to keep you children safe.  This post and video show you how to do it.



  1. I am useing windows 7 parent controls, however i noticed another log-in for a user that i did not set up and it has its own password. how do i get rid of it?

    • Windows 7 by default creates three accounts. During setup it creates the primary user account that you log in with. It also creates an Administrator and Guest account. One other account created if you installed all the updates is an account. The only account that should be seen is/are user accounts you setup. What is the name of the account you are seeing? Have you Googled “user account” and the name of the account. I would be curious why this is appearing all of a sudden. Please let me know the name of the account and I can see what I can find. Also, what type of account is it? To find out click on Start and goto Control Panel. Click on Add/Remove User Accounts and see what type of account it is. Is it an Administrator or Standard User?

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