Posted by: bhalley | 07/13/2010

Power? We Don’t Need No Stinkin Power

OK, so you have been working for hours typing on a document or some other file.  Without warning the lights flicker and your computer flips and is starting to boot-up, and everything you had been working on is gone.  Now, you may be able to recover as many programs make temp saves and may offer to get you back to some point, but you have lost some of your work.  You might think, well I have a laptop so it has a battery.  But is that battery functioning?  Whether it is a power surge, flicker, or it just shuts off, having a battery backup, or UPS (not United Postal Service) known as an Uninterruptible Power Supply, you can rest at ease.

The question is how big of a UPS do you need?  Today’s link points you to a UPS Calculator to help you determine the right size device you need for your equipment.  The bigger the unit the longer you system will stay up and running, this will give you the minimum and suggested size that will give you time to save your work and shutdown your system.  Read the instructions on the Calculator so you use it properly.

When setting up a UPS, DO NOT PLUG YOUR PRINTER IN THE BATTERY BACKUP.  When you purchase a UPS you will see several plugs on the back.  Some will say battery, and a couple will say surge.  Plug your printer into the surge.  If you plug you printer into battery you could damage the unit.  The instructions for the calculator mention plugging only essential equipment in the battery side and that is to help ensure that if power goes off you have time to get your equipment properly shutdown.


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