Posted by: bhalley | 06/15/2010

Touchscreen Phones

How many of you have touchscreen phones?  Many of these devices have very sensitive screens.  I can still recall T-Mobile’s commercial about butt-dialing.  And while that is humorous, the issue can be a security and safety risk.  Here is an article about the problem and he shares about his brother’s phone dialing him on several occasions.  I can recall receiving a call from someone and they didn’t know their phone had even called me.  I could have sat and just listened as they went about their business, but I hung up and called them back to let them know that their phone was calling me.

Question is what are you doing to secure your phone?  Many phones have a way to lock the screen and/or keyboard, and I strongly recommend that you enable this feature.  It will not prevent you from dialing 911 for safety.


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