Posted by: bhalley | 06/11/2010

Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrade

Many you have been waiting for a good Windows XP replacement because of the horror’s you heard about Windows Vista.  So now Windows 7 is out and you have heard this is the one to upgrade to now, but you can’t upgrade XP to Windows 7.  There is a utility that is included on the Windows 7 disc to backup settings and files before you upgrade and here is how to do it.  They do mention that if possible you should back-up your entire hard drive before you upgrade.

I strongly recommend that along with the utility backup from the install disc, that instead of backing-up the entire hard drive as they recommend is to pull your current hard drive and put a new hard drive in your computer.  This way you keep you disc with all its contents and setup in tact.



  1. After trying Windows7, I’m sticking with XP on all my machines. There is no good reason to upgrade, and many good reasons not to. Whenever I get around to discarding my XP computer, I’ll get whatever comes with its replacement. Until then, I salute Microsoft with my middle finger.

    P.S. Thank you Microsoft for not allowing XP users to run IE9. I sincerely mean that. Thanks to you, I’ve discovered Opera. WOOHOO, no more Microsoft browsers for me. YAY! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

    • I have been using Opera for sometime myself. I only use IE for the sites that don’t work under Opera. I have been impressed with its low footprint required in memory. I have also had a problem with my IE due to an add-in that I can’t seem to resolve and even restoring to default won’t resolve it. The only recourse is to reload. One thing to check is if your system will support Windows 7 XP Mode. Then you can have your old and new on one machine. I agree on the IE9 not working on XP. So much for the customer (user) is right.

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