Posted by: bhalley | 05/14/2010

Configuring Facebook Security

I have posted several items on Facebook and security, and how to protect yourself.  In this I will go through the areas to configure to make a safer Facebook experience.  I will first start with Account Settings.  On the Settings tab click on Account Security.  This is where you can setup notification of account access from new devices (computer or mobile phone) that has not access your account before.  In order to use this you have to setup the Mobile tab.  On the Facebook Ads tab you change ads settings, there are two and you have to save each one separately.

Now let’s move to the Privacy Settings.  First is Profile Information.  Several of these are set to Everyone.  Adjust as you want your information to be made available.  Setting to Only Friends is the most secure (unless you customize) and my preferred selection. The Photo Albums have their own settings, too.  The next is Contact Information and who has access to your information.  Again, adjust as you want your information to be made available.

Third is the Applications and Websites.  This was covered in a previous post but this where the setting is that allows Facebook to share your information with what they call trusted partners.  There are some other settings you will want to change, also.  Under ‘What your friends can share about you’ there is a lot of the options checked.  I don’t know about you but I don’t want my friends sharing any information about me.  It is my information.  I have unchecked all of these.  You setup applications you want blocked, and ignore people you do not want to send application invites.  The ‘Instant Personalization Pilot Program’ is the setting you will want to turn off.

Next is Search.  There are only two settings here pertaining to who can look you up.

Then the final on Privacy is the Block List.

The Application Settings under Account is what you have used or linked to/from in Facebook.

I hope this helps in a safer Facebook experience for you and your family.


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