Posted by: bhalley | 04/26/2010

Computer Security – Part 5

Passwords. In today’s post we will talk about passwords.  This is your first best defense to prevent your accounts from being hacked/compromised.  The longer a password the better, but add more character sets (numbers, lower case, capital letters, and special characters) and you have a password that becomes much more secure.  I have included a link to the US-CERT Tip document on choosing a password.  The NIST recommends a password of 12-14.  NAD TSC (Technical Standards Committee) has recommended that passwords be 15 or more characters.  The type of password to use is a pass phrase.  A pass phase is a short sentence and will include all four character sets as mentioned above.  Here three examples of pass phrases:

1 – I scream 4 Ice Cream!    2 – Pray 4 His Return.    3 – The Braves are #1

To check how secure your password is Microsoft has a site you can put your password in and see how secure it is.


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