Posted by: bhalley | 04/07/2010

How are You Using the Web? Part 2

In my last post I gave you a link to how to utilize the web for reaching people.  Although I am for more of the personal touch myself, technology is a factor that has become an integral part of our lives.  Also consider this, that there are those who are afraid of going to a church because they don’t want to feel pressured into joining or having a guilt-trip put on them (based on perception and for some perception is reality).

This video comes from a conference on how much technology is impacting our lives.  After watching I believe you will see why we need to increase our web presence.  This video includes Spanish subtitles for our Hispanic pastors.



  1. An additional note I just saw from a TechCrunch tweet, even in the current recession online advertising revenue increased 2.6%. Here is the link to that story.

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