Posted by: bhalley | 03/31/2010

A Better PowerPoint Presentation

When building a PowerPoint presentation you need to be aware of how large your presentation is becoming.  A large presentation may start off working but encounter problems later in the presentation.  If you decide to take the presentation with you and run it on another computer there are considerations you need to be aware of, also.  Here are the three areas to consider:

1. Size of the Graphic – When inserting external graphics, the size of the file matters.  This is especially true of pictures from digital cameras.  With the number of pixels and resolution size some cameras can generate files that are several megabytes in size.  You make a presentation with 25 slides and photos that are 4 MB in size or more , your presentation is now 100 MB plus in size.  You need to resize the photo so that it is under 400-500K.  If you can get the graphic to 250K or less you should not have a problem.  If you search online there are several free image editors that can resize your graphics.

2.  Size of Audio File –  If you are using an audio file you can choose whether it links or embeds based on its size.  Embedding will add to the size of your presentation but makes portability much easier.

3.  Linked Files and Portability – When using videos or large audio files and they are linked you have to remember where they are and to copy them into the same location on the computer you will run the presentation on.  For this reason it is best to put the video and large audios in the same folder as the presentation when you are building it so when you copy it onto a flash drive it is easy to find all the files and copy either onto the computer you will run it from or even run it from the flash drive.


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