Posted by: bhalley | 03/19/2010

How Did I Get Infected?

How many have been infected with Malware/Spyware?  Or you clicked on link and it was safe and then go back and are infected.  One malware in particular is called Anti-Virus 20xx or Security 20xx.  The whole goal of this program is to get your credit card information and/or make you pay for something that is not needed and useless and only leads to more headaches.  Most of you may not be aware but the cause of this is usually just innocent browsing and searching.  Please note this report from Security Labs on infections coming from the sponsored links section in Google.

How do you know if the link is safe before you click on it?  And what was safe yesterday may not be safe now.  There is a tool that you can download and install so that when you put you mouse over the link it will scan it before you click on it.  It is the AVG Link Scanner.  I am not one to push a particular company or product but the more I work with AVG products the more I am impressed with their offerings, particularly since many are free and when has anything ‘free’ really been ‘free.’  Here is your link to Link Scanner.


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